Don't take our word for it, read and watch what our customers are saying about TickleFLEX Insulin Injection Aid...

Hana-Lia Krawchuk - Sydney, Australia

I recently bought TickleFLEX for my father who has been an insulin dependent diabetic for the past 10 years. He experienced so many difficulties with injecting. The results are incredible. Literally no more pain when injecting, no more bruises, no more accidentally hitting a nerve with the needle. This would also be amazing for children who require insulin injections. Couldn’t be more pleased.

Caroline Jaques - UK: TV producer

Wow! This device is life changing! No more pain while injecting. What I like the most is that I have had zero bruising whilst using it which it great coming up to bikini season. I also like that this widens the area in which you can inject. For best results I find, be confident when using it. Place it on the skin and press down confidently and you won’t feel a thing. Just feels like plastic laying on skin.  I showed it to my diabetic doctor who was impressed with it and approved me to keep on using it. Great product. Grateful for its invention.

Lukáš Bouda - CZ FB group: Klub maminek diabetickych deti

Anyone who has a child with type 1 diabetes knows that anything which will make his/her life easier is welcome. There are many kids struggling with injections and this adaptor looked amazing. So, 70 parents decided to give it a try... Everything arrived and is working perfectly! Sending greetings from Czech Republic and huge thank you!

Jenny Mepham - UK

My 8 year old son loves the TickleFLEX. It has encouraged him to change where he does his injecting as the pain is drastically reduced. A great product.

Téja Keech - UK

I am six years years old and have been scared to use my Novopen recently but TickleFLEX stops the pain.

Frances Meer, Parchmore Medical Practice PPG - Thornton Heath, UK

  • A Practical aide that after using the first time takes the “Fear and anxiety” out of needing to cause potential pain to oneself with a needle
  • As the Tickleflex gathers the skin itself I had more confidence injecting
  • The injection sites have been 90% “Bruise Free”
  • A lightweight hassle free portable item
  • Would and have recommended to fellow PWDs through being part of the PPG at my surgery
  • Would like to have heard of the product through my DSN or Diabetes workshop at my surgery


Bought this for my 13 year old son and he's very shake when doing his injections but this has helped stabilise him. Says he can still feel some pain but only with levemir and he's on high dose 50units in one go so think that's the reason he still feels a little nippy. But on the whole would recommend.

Theresa Manning - UK

Bought this for my son who has recently been diagnosed with type 1. He has a fear of needles to insulin 4+ times a day was traumatic. Brought this, used once and suddenly he took over all injections. It's doesn't take the pain away but it does take the anxiety. The mixture of not being able to see the needle and the distraction of how the TickleFLEX feels, just works. Every single penny was worth it just to see the anxiety melt and to give him his freedom back as he can now be out with his mates without worrying that he needs someone to do his injections. Thank you!!

Mr Fyred- Diabetes Type 1 - UK

Comfortable and comforting.

Paul Hughes - Diabetes Type 1 - UK

Great little product. Highly recommend.

Lynne Reedman - Service Lead Duet Diabetes - UK

The kids are going to love this product.

Dennis Chapman- Diabetes Type 2 - UK

I found it easy to inject one handed.