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How TickleTec established itself as a medical products company…

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TickleTec was founded in 2016 with very little cash but a great idea.

Rather than dilute itself with investors it entered its product concept in an annual product design competition run by the UK Design Council called Spark. Success would bring both training and funding without costing equity or imposing the burden of loans.

As the “History” article describes, the great ending to this phase of the business was enjoying a shared Spark win, bringing the resources to make the difference. This wasn’t just finance, but the Design Council’s prestige and recognition with a fast track into other services such as the South of England business support group called “Coast to Capital”. Here the indomitable Amanda Geel introduced TickleTec to Bola Lafe of Opus Innovations, an established medical products developer and distributor. Opus has itself been the winner of many Awards including the South Coast New Business of the Year 2014. It was a perfect fit with both personal and corporate synergy.

TickleTec Ltd will run its own website (this one) and supply TickleFLEX and potentially other new products directly to consumers. It will thereby benefit from the direct customer contact that will help to inform and guide its product innovation. Opus will extend the reach into the global distribution channels that it has already been growing with its own product ranges. Both parties can do what they do best.

Sticking with the winning formula of innovating so solve well understood personal need, TickleTec can focus on developing new products. These will be particularly to address other endemic issues suffered by diabetics, such as in podiatry and neuropathy. Watch this space...

Our mission is the same as the purpose of TickleFLEX - “to improve the lives of diabetics”.

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